ND Holding Ltd

Die ND HOLDING LTD. wurde auf Zypern eingetragen. Die Handelsregisternummer der Gesellschaft ist: НЕ 284611

Das Profil der Gesellschaft ist der Vertrieb von Wohnungen auf Zypern und in Montenegro, sowie der Vertreib von Fahrzeugen renommierter Autohersteller.

Zertifikat Registrierung:
 1. Zertifikat (eng.)
 2. Zertifikat (gr.)
Sitz der Gesellschaft:Nikola Nikolaidi 3 , Savva Plaza Building , 1st Floor Flat/office 110
8010 Paphos Cyprus
Cyprus Income Tax ID:
Bank des Begünstigten:


Anschrift der Bank:Kolonakiou Ave.,Kolonakiou Shopping Center,Office 101,3302 Limassol, Cyprus
Begünstigter:ND HOLDING LTD
Kontonummer des Begünstigten:0000777072
IBAN KOD :CY29008002700000000000777072

Die Sicherheit des Kaufs sowie die Gesetzmäßigkeit des Geschäftes werden von unseren Juristen und Rechtsanwälten gewährleistet.

SAVVA STEPHOU SAVVADr. Mándi SándorPinkevich Svetlana
Dr. Mándi Sándor
Pinkevich Svetlana

Auto Boutique "New Day"
Hungary,Budapest, 1091 Üllői út 101

Video report on "2 YEARS since the foundation of NEW DAY auto boutique"

The hungarian TV about "NEW DAY" auto boutique.

New service car rental.

ND HOLDING LTD is launching a new service, the car rental.
Car rental will be available in the territory of the European Union and in Cyprus from October 2013.
The Company will work through its service partners in Hungary– BP GROUP KFT and other companies which provide car rental services. ND HOLDING LTD has signed contracts with these companies according to which partners who have vouchers are entitled to a 20% discount from the current price.
The companies are ready to provide more than 300 vehicles within the framework of our agreements.
Discount vouchers may be purchased in the company ND HOLDING LTD for 205 euros.
When generated, vouchers are not associated with persons in your account. The partner shall decide  the  future owner of the voucher   and complete the fields accordingly. He/she may print the voucher and give it to the future owner. Personal data may be entered only once. After pressing the Save", button  it is not possible to change the name of the owner of the voucher. Blank vouchers are not accepted for car rental. A partner may purchase an unlimited number of vouchers. In order to rent a car companies have to be notified at least 7 days in advance. Contact information may be found on this website in the section ’Partners’.
The voucher is valid for 3 years from the date when the price arrives on the company’s bank account.
The identification code of the voucher is necessary to receive the Discount. ND HOLDING  was the first to develop and introduce its own revolutionary and unique system of advertising and marketing, in the form of "Blitz" platforms. And in February 2013 a new era in network marketing will be launched namely the non-stop "timer" marketing plan.

By purchasing a discount voucher the partner also acquires the opportunity to participate in the advertising and marketing program "New Day." You may read the participation conditions on this website in the section "Marketing".

"NEW DAY" elit residential complex

ND HOLDING LTD finised the construction of the residential complex NEW DAY in the prestigious district of Paphos (5 minutes from the city center and 10 minutes drive from the sea). NEW DAY residential complex offers optimal mix of the perfect holiday for the whole family, comfortably living conditions in Paphos, beautiful Seaview, and fresh air. This residential centre includes a swimming pool and a parking space for each owner. It will contain 20 townhouses, which will is built using the most advanced technology and energy management.

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